10 Stocking Filler Ideas for Toddlers

10 Stocking Filler Ideas for Toddlers

Are you running out of ideas for stuffing your toddlers stockings during the holidays? Many cultures hang stockings as a traditional holiday celebration. The stockings are filled with small gifts, each stocking bearing the name of a family member. If you are looking for stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers, check out the following list. (Assuming toddlers as children between roughly 1 and 3 years of age)

1 - Rubik's Cube – You may need to take the cube out of its packaging to fit it into your child's stocking. A Rubik's Cube provides much-needed eye - hand coordination and fine motor development, and captivates your child with bright colors.

2 - Stackable toys – These come in many forms, and teach your child the relationship between similar items of different sizes. As with the Rubik's Cube, stackable toys help motor skill development and eye - hand coordination.

3 - Lego building blocks - You may remember growing up with Lego toys yourself. The iconic building block manufacturer has been making interlocking children's building pieces since 1949, ideally suited for stocking stuffing.

4 - Coloring crayons - Just about all toddlers love to scribble, draw and color with crayons. These are the perfect stocking stuffer for bringing out the creativity in your toddler.

5 - A whistle - Just make sure and choose a toddler-approved whistle. Toddlers love blowing whistles, and that simple act teaches the causal relationship between an action your child takes and a result or consequence that his action has created.

6 - Balls - Balls of all shapes, sizes and materials are excellent for toddler stocking stuffers. Balls that bounce are especially well-suited to toddlers.

7 - Stickers - A sticker set can go a long way toward keeping your child busy and enthralled for hours. Some sticker sets come complete with games that require your child to place the appropriate sticker in the right spot. This helps teach shapes and matching skills.

8 - Magical wand - A fairy wand is a great stocking filler for young girls. Toddler boys can appreciate a magical Harry Potter wand. These gifts promote imagination, creativity and independence.

9 - Novelty holiday toys - Reindeer, snowmen and Santa Claus arrive every holiday season in the form of many toys. A lot of these are aimed at toddlers, and are sized to make perfect stocking stuffers.

10 - Movie and TV-themed merchandise - Your child no doubt already has his or her favorite movie and TV characters. Companies are very good about creating toys and games for toddlers that depict beloved characters. Many of these serve as great stocking fillers.