Shopping Online.



In my long experience, I have found that when the time comes to do my Christmas shopping there are two ways we can face this wonderful time of year.

Those of us who love nothing better than the bright lights and decorated shopping malls, the huge multilevel department stores, the throngs of noisy people, Christmas music coming from every available loudspeaker, colorful window displays be they religious scenes or the Disney type fairy tales with their amazing moving characters that hold everyone enthralled.


On the other side of the coin we can picture the task ahead with the difficulty in finding a parking spot, the crowds of shoppers streaming through the malls and shopping areas, sales counters and racks in complete disarray, searching for a place to sit and have a snack to regain the energy ready for the next onslaught.


However, for those of us who find the traditional shopping scene too stressful we now have a much more peaceful alternative. Christmas shopping online. This maybe not for every single item, it's sometimes nice to wander and look but more and more people are discovering the convenience of online shopping.


Like every new venture, when shopping online there are a few do's and don’ts we must watch for. Most important is to complete your purchases in enough time to have the item shipped out to the recipient in plenty of time to arrive by Christmas. If left too late you will be charged extra for the rushed shipping. The other problem that can occur is the item you are looking at on your computer screen can look a whole lot better than it does in reality. Please make sure if you have seen the item in a store you have the correct name and model number. Nothing could be worse than when your friend or loved one receives their Christmas present it is the wrong thing entirely.


Last and most important when shopping online only make your purchases from reputable retail outlets. If you are seeking a bargain it will be tempting to go for the cheapest price. You may see something that looks like an incredible good deal. Remember, “if it looks too good to be true it usually is”. Only purchase from retailers with a well established reputation and are known for their excellent products and service.