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Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Remote Controlled Vehicle,
Different toy manufacturers have been on the busy in recent years in the production of high-quality toys. One of the most trusted manufacturer brands is Maisto. Since 1990, Maisto has been on the forefront in producing the most technologically advanced toys. One of their best toys is the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Controlled Vehicle. This toy is highly advanced to an extent that both the old, and the young have found themselves addicted to it. 
Like any other real car out there, this Maisto Rock Crawler is perfectly fitted with both rear and front suspensions. These two suspensions consist of a solid axle and soft springs. The suspensions, axle and the soft springs perfectly facilitate the perfect movement of the toy on rugged and tough terrains. Power is transmitted to all four legs which make this car a four-wheel drive. This even supplies power makes it easily for the car to crawl over large rock and logs lying on its path. The proper movement of the car in rough terrains is also facilitated by the fact that this vehicle has a low gearing capability. This toy operates on three powerful motors. Two of the motors facilitate driving while the other motor facilitates steering. With these three motors on play, the user is guaranteed to enjoy fast and simplified movement. It has four huge tires, which make movement on ditches easy. 
A great thing about this toy is the fact that its radio transmitter has a tri-channel capability. This means that, up to three different users can operate other Maisto vehicles at a go. An antenna fitted at the top part of the vehicle facilitates the easy control of the car by the radio transmitter. Storing and carrying of this Radio-Controlled Maisto Rock Vehicle is simple. This is down to the fact that it only measures twelve and a half inches long, and hence it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. This Maisto vehicle can reach speeds of up to 5 mph, which makes its desirable for young kids who lack the excellent skills to control high speed vehicles. 
Power to control the three motors is supplied by 6 AA batteries while the controller only requires 2 AAA batteries. Weighing in at just 1.76 pounds, this vehicle is easily portable and doesn't break easily when it crushes against walls during driving. The transmitter which is pistol shaped makes it perfect for young kids to hold and press the preferred buttons. 
The car has four-wheel drive capability, which makes it ideal for tough terrains.
It comes with three fully powered motors for simplified and fast movement.
A tri-channel transmitter Lets three people to have control at the same time.
The user can decide to either use rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries.
Its slow speed makes it ideal for young kids who are beginning to learn on how to drive the toys.
Its warranty is only valid for 30 days. 
Its body is made of plastic, which makes it prone to breakages.
The remote control has no precise power to facilitate full throttle and steering.
The Rock Crawler excels in steep tough terrains, and it’s the best vehicle when it comes to steep areas. Its full suspension, four-wheel drive capability and large tires make this vehicle one of the most preferred off-road vehicles available and the best for kids.