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LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet, Green 
The award-winning educational solutions' provider LeapFrog has managed to outdo themselves, yet again. Their latest new offering, in the form of the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet, Green, brings to the table a highly acclaimed and successful product which promises to delight both, your child as well as you! The industry leader's arduous efforts since almost 20 years have resulted in this aesthetically beautiful, yet extremely durable, learning tablet, which packs in more than a few punches. Keeping in mind their mantra that a child learns best when they're having fun, LearnPad 2 Power has been designed to excite, engage and encourage your child alongside their educational journey, whilst also attempting to discover their inherent potential in a number of unique ways. 
Like everything in life, the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Learning tablet too comes with its own set of boons and banes. Let us first take a look at some of its advantages / features below:
1. Rechargeable Batteries The most important feature of the LeapPad 2 Power is that you will NEVER have to go running to the local supermarket for a pair of batteries again! A complete charge provided my kid around 9 long hours of uninterrupted and leisurely learning, enjoyment and play. The included rechargeable battery ensures that your little tot continues the educational escapade by simply plugging in the tablet to the easy one-step charging AC adapter.
2. The most durable product for kids - since Nokia
Gone are the days when your child may have proven to be a tad too strong for certain toys and household items. While it probably cannot guarantee Chuck Norris-level durability, this learning tablet is certainly a sturdy device with a toughened and rugged exterior framework. The high-impact side bumpers and the rubber-coated body further help strengthen the aforementioned belief and LeapFrog's claim that the product has undergone rigorous drop-tests and other precautionary experiments as well. Having said that, I'd like to add that the green coloured LeapPad 2 Power appears to be as appeasing to the eye as durable and sturdy as it feels on being held.
3. Humongous library of apps, e-books and games. The true power of this tablet is documented by the gargantuan number of games, apps and e-books, which are available! With over 800 in-house designed cartridge games and learning apps in their stable, the resident educational experts at LeapFrog seem to have done a great job. If this was not enough, I soon realized that the LeapPad2 Power also proffers over 2600 skills that are above and beyond the generic core subject skills currently being taught to my child! So, in a way, my child was receiving an overall education in various fields. Last, but certainly not the least, 9 apps are included in the LeapPad2 Power bundle I purchased. These apps, estimated to be around US $ 50, ranged from an Art Studio app and a Photo Lab app to a useful Utility Suite and a song learning app. 
4. Never a dull moment. My child uses his tablet in ways which I cannot even use my smart phone - he writes and draws on it using his small fingers as well as the stylus, depending on his mood; He uses the built in 4 GB memory to randomly take photos from the front and back cameras and then get creative with the photos via the built in Photo Lab app and so on. At the end of the week, I simply connect the LeapPad2 Power tab to my computer in order to view his LeapFrog Learning Path. This novel tool keeps track of his activities and his improvements in specific areas while also recommending particular areas for me to support his growth!
As far as the cons of this wonderful tablet are concerned, I seem to have only 1 - my child loves spending more and more time with it everyday. Thus, forcing me to actually take the tablet away from him sometimes.
Apart from that, I believe that LeapFrog has provided my child and me with the perfect product to keep us both happy.
After having discussed the product in detail, I really have to recommend buying the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Educational Tablet for any and every young child due to its wondrous abilities to help making education a fun and enjoyable activity. Further, the fact that I got it at a 41% discount on Amazon only helps reinforce my belief that I got one of the finest products at one of the best possible prices.