Kids Remote Controlled High-Speed Racing Boat Review

Kids Remote Controlled High-Speed Racing Boat Review

Remote control speed boats have never been this much fun! The Remote Controlled High – Speed Racing Boat from KidzLane is a powerful, 11 inch boat with a control range of up to 80 feet! This speedy little boat can reach up to 9 miles per hour – that’s 15 km per hour! And what if it gets choppy out there on the lake? Not to worry! The boat is self-righting, meaning that any rough weather that flips your boat over will only result in you flipping the self-righting button on your remote to make your boat right itself ready for another go! Whether you are 6 or 60, this remote controlled speed boat is fun for all the family!

Features of the Kids Remote Controlled High-Speed Racing Boat

• Top speed 9 miles per hour
• Available in green or red
• 80 foot control range
• Includes stand, rechargeable battery and charging port
• Self-righting 

Is the Kids Remote Controlled High-Speed Racing Boat Worth Buying?

It’s hard to believe that an affordable, 11 inch remote controlled boat could reach speeds of 9 miles per hour, but KidzLane have clearly fitted this toy with a powerful motor. The top speed is easily reached and the advertised range of 80 feet is not exaggerating. While it will struggle in particularly choppy water, the High Speed Racing Boat is perfect for pond or calm lake racing. It is well designed and really looks the part with its sleek finish.

Running time is around 10 minutes on a full charge. While this is around average for this kind of toy, you may find that some children will be unhappy waiting for the boat to recharge.  A full recharge will take a couple of hours, so any plans for children to take turns in playing with the boat during the same session can often be hampered by a dying battery. However, this is the downside of going for a less expensive model – their battery life simply cannot compete with top of the range, more expensive remote controlled boats.

For what it is, this is a tremendous little remote controlled speed boat. Children will love it, and adults may be surprised just how fast it is, and how good it handles. The self-righting mechanism is a clever touch, and allows for continuous play without constant interruptions – something that is necessary when the battery won’t last much more than ten minutes. If you are looking for an affordable remote controlled toy boat, there isn’t much to fault here.