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If you have children, then chances are, you’re familiar with the ever so popular brand called “FurReal Friends.” Honestly, every time I look at them, I find myself saying “why couldn’t they have toys like that when I was younger?” They may not have had toys like that when we were younger, but today, we have the pleasures of buying these toys for our children and grandchildren. Along with all of the cute looking toys like kitty cats, bunny rabbits and puppy dogs, soon, you’re going to find the Munchin’ Rex. Never before have I ever thought something like a rex would look adorable, but FurReal Friends made it happen …they usually do. So, is this Munchin’ Rex something your children will be interested in? Let’s continue forward with this Munchin Rex review and find out …

About FurReal Friends

Before I move forward and tell you about the cute little rex, I would like to give you a little insight on the company that made him. FurReal Friends is a toy division of Hasbro, Dreamright Toys and Tiger Electronics – the FurReal Friends started popping up around 2002. They are basically robotic toys that range from cats to dinosaurs and are available in a variety of sizes. While some of the toys can easily be held in a child’s hands, there are others that the child can ride. The price of these toys range from $6 to $300 and they all move in some way. The companies slogan is “My best friends are FurReal Friends.”

If your child is looking for a best friend that is a “FurReal Friend,” then he/she may be interested in Munchin’ Rex …

What Does He Eat?

Starting out, I’m sure you are curious as to what Munchin’ Rex likes to munch on – that is the real question. From what I have learned, this little guy comes with his own stick of broccoli and a piece of meat. It’s plastic, of course, but it’s okay to pretend (it teaches children to take their imagination and run with it). He also comes with his own little toy bottle, because you know, little baby dinosaurs have to have their milk so that they can develop strong bones too.

What I find really cool about Munchin’ Rex is that he is able to tell the difference between his treats and his bottle.

This little guy has over 35 sound and motion combinations, which makes it even more unique. The sensors are located on his head and on his mouth.


All in all, I believe this little guy is something that children of varying ages will enjoy. While I could see it being a toy that was made for boys (you know, girls like the cuddly looking creatures), I’m sure there are some little girls out there that would get a kick out of Munchin’ Rex, so it all depends on what your child likes.


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furReal Munchin’ Rex Baby Dino Pet

Welcome to the furReal brand’s family of pets – engaging and often surprising friends that can become a child’s favorite companion. Unlike other plush toys, furReal pets aren’t intended to be merely watched or collected; they’re designed to be played with, lived with, and loved. Their exciting and engaging play can help create unforgettable childhood memories.

Baby dino = hungry dino

This funny baby dino loves treat time – in fact, he hops and begs with excitement when it’s time to eat, and loves to play with his food! His favorite treats are his caveman cookie and, surprisingly, his broccoli. But he’s a picky little guy — he could find these treats yummy or yucky, depending on his mood. Watch his funny reactions!

A pet that’s full of surprises

he Munchin’ Rex pet responds to kids with more than 35 sound-and-motion combinations. With sensors on his head and mouth, he responds to being petted, waved at, and fed (chomps on his treats — or acts like he wants to spit them out!). He usually makes happy slurping sounds when he’s fed his bottle, though. And this poseable prehistoric cutie features awesome dino-habitat sounds – kids can imagine they’re in an ancient jungle. This fun dino pet has poseable arms, too!

Playful dino’s a loveable handful

So let’s review: he’s a funny baby dino that’s full of surprises. Sometimes he’s excited and playful; at other times, fussy or even a teeny bit cranky. But he’s always, at heart, a sweet, cuddle-lovin’ happy baby! The Munchin’ Rex pet’s a handful, all right – unpredictable, huggable, and oh-so-loveable!